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S1 E12 Why you need an IT connection



Episode Summary:

Technology plays a vital role in any successful business. In today’s interview, I am joined by my friend Kyle Krieger. Kyle is a systems engineer at Whittlesey where he helps small and medium sized businesses reach success. Kyle holds a degree in computer systems, networking, and telecommunications. In this episode, we discuss some of the common issues Kyle faces when working with small businesses and some tips on how to avoid these problems in the first place! Kyle also shares some of the great companies that you can go to for web design help as well as some strategic advice that can apply to almost anyone!

In this episode, we discuss…

[00:01] Intro

[00:45] Start of the Podcast

[01:20] What Kyle Does

[02:31] Finding Solutions Based on Business Models

[03:28] Web Designers – The Technical Side

[05:27] Wix and GoDaddy for Small Businesses

[06:09] Scaling Your Website

[07:09] Websites to Look At

[07:54] Common Problems for Small Businesses

[10:58] Web Design Recommendations

[13:13] Registering Domain Name as An IP Address

[14:52] Skillshare Offer

[15:27] Kyle’s Favorite Part of His Job

[20:11] Entrepreneur Option in Consulting

[23:47] Strategic Advice to Kyle’s Younger Self

[27:10] Connect with Kyle

[28:01] Closing Thoughts

[28:46] Outro

Resources Mentioned:

Want to Connect with Kyle Krieger?

Business Inquiries | Email kkrieger@wadvising.com

LinkedIn [https://www.linkedin.com/in/kyle-krieger1/]

Whittlesey Advising | Website [http://wadvising.com/]

Wix | Website Creation [https://wix.com]

GoDaddy | Domains and Website Creation [https://www.godaddy.com]

Invision Marketing Solutions | Website [https://invisionmas.com/]

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