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S1 E9 Virtual Assistance with Alexis Archuleta

Have you ever wished you could have the freedom to travel the world while simultaneously making money anywhere? In today’s interview I’m joined by Alexis from Archuleta Virtual. Alexis Archuleta has been able to make this wish possible by becoming a virtual assistant who focuses on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses. Alexis shares on the episode what exactly a virtual assistant is, how she manages her time on the go, and some tips to help you grow your community on Instagram! I personally highly suggest considering a virtual assistant to free up some of your valuable time to work less on administrative and online duties and more on transforming your business!

Here's what we talk about on the show, and some of the links we mention

In this episode, we discuss…

[00:01] Intro

[00:45] Introducing the Guest

[01:06] Start of the Podcast

[01:18] Tell Me About Yourself

[04:35] What Does it Mean to Be a Virtual Assistant?

[05:45] What is Your Ideal Niche?

[06:49] How Alexis Manages Her Time?

[09:47] Skillshare Offer

[10:22] Tips to Grow Your Instagram Audience

[12:35] How to Search Instagram Hashtags

[14:03] Social Media Platform with the Best ROI

[15:51] Keeping It Professional

[18:21] Creating Online Content

[21:32] Best Way to Gain Engagement Right Now

[26:46] Tips to Be More Confident Before Filming

[29:40] Strategic Advice for Alexis’ Younger Self

[34:51] Connect with Alexis!

[35:33] Outro

Resources Mentioned:

Want to Connect with Alexis Archuleta?

Archuleta Virtual | Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/archuletavirtual/?hl=en]

Archuleta Virtual | Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/ArchuletaVirtual/]

Toggl | Simple Time Tracking


Toggl | Time Blocking


The Pomodoro Technique Timer


Line Wizard | Clean Line Breaks


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