• Jessie Ryan

Small Business Branding with @Taylor.unfiltered

You knew I was saving the best for last, right? In the last interview of Season One of The Ditto Podcast, I interviewed my friend Taylor who has a story that probably sounds familiar. Listen to us talk about how we met through a network marketing company, and then found our own way into entrepreneurship. She started as a college grad with a lot of student loans and no idea what to do next, and now she's working as a successful branding coach.

In this episode, we talk about:

- Taylor's first 5 steps that new business owners need to do to create a solid brand for their business.

- Taylor's thoughts on doing branding FIRST when you're starting a business.

- What Taylor wishes everyone knew about branding.

- What pieces of branding she thinks are the MOST important.

- Taylor tells her story, and tells us what she thinks was the most essential part of her personal development journey.

- Last but not least, she gives me maybe the most surprising answer so far to my favorite question: "What's one thing you wish you could tell your younger self that cost a lot of money or time to learn?"

This was a really fun interview, and a long one, so I can't tell you everything here in the show notes! Click here to listen to her episode, or find it wherever you listen to podcasts!

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