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S1 E21: Being a soulful and ambitious business owner with Ilona @thehairfaerie

On today's episode of the Ditto Podcast, I interview my friend Ilona, Hair Stylist and the goddess behind Faerie Glen Apothecary (go follow her beautiful IG accounts, they’re linked below!)

We talk about the frustrating things we didn't learn in hair school, what we had to learn on our own, and how grateful we are to have made it this far in our industry. Ilona speaks on pursuing a career for the right reasons (not just for the money), navigating to the business side of social media, walking away from what doesn’t serve you, and the importance of setting boundaries to create the life you want to live.

Listen in for a very soulful, wholesome conversation! I have a feeling you’ll find it relatable and that it’ll leave you feeling all of the good energy, inspiring you to go for whatever goals you've been dreaming about!

Episode Timeline:

[00:00] Intro

[00:44] Introducing Ilona

[03:44] About Ilona’s brand and how she created the name of her business

[06:34] Finding a way to do what you want to do: Staying focused & dedicated

[07:55] Balancing home life and work life as an entrepreneur + Setting office hours

[11:05] You can’t pour from an empty cup: Navigating the intense desire to always be helping people

[11:42] About Vasu + Adapting with change

[13:41] Everyone sees success differently

[15:35] What happens when we have caffeine + The value of having a support system that listens to and accepts you

[16:47] The whole point of working is to give yourself a good life

[18:04] Is Ilona scared to launch a business during covid-19?

[19:05] Ilona’s biggest lesson in life

[19:55] How many people we went to school with aren’t doing hair anymore + Downsides of hair school

[21:45] Jamie Sea’s influence

[22:36] Hair stylists are entrepreneurs, no one’s going to get business for you

[23:18] The biggest thing we need to address that they didn’t teach us in hair school

[25:05] Navigating my career when I got out of hair school + Getting out of a mindset of lack

[28:25] Two types of salon owners + Ilona’s experience with salons

[30:52] Don’t knock down people who are starry eyed about their dreams

[31:34] Negativity does not accomplish anything… and people can sense it

[33:31] Catch yourself before you spiral and use failures as a chance to grow

[34:33] Breaking up with clients + Making space for clients who match your energy

[37:20] Ilona’s “why”

[39:47] Hitting rock bottom + The friend that changed her world - Spending years looking for happiness in others and wanting to be different

[43:39] Books that Ilona highly recommends

[45:07] Her relationship to light and the sun

[46:23] Choosing to be happy + Using your trauma to help the world

[49:10] Are we old souls?

[50:53] The importance of meeting people where they’re at and walking away from what doesn’t serve you

[53:55] Dealing with being a workaholic

[55:00] Your occupation is who you are + Are you happy?

[57:25] Setting boundaries to create the life you want to live

[59:07] One thing that Ilona would tell your younger self that would save her a lot of energy

[1:01:04] Outro

Quotes from the faerie herself:

“In every avenue, whatever I want to do, The Faerie Glen is the home for that because that’s where the faerie lives.”

“When I first started this business, I just, I wanted to do everything… until I just started feeling so burnt out. And I’m like, wait a second, it’s not supposed to feel like this!”

“Sometimes life can suck the sweetness out of you, but if you allow it to, it’ll give it back. And it’ll give it back tenfold, but when you’re ready.”

“Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is walk away and that’s okay too.”

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Books we mentioned:

Untethered Soul by Michael Alan Singer: www.amazon.com/Untethered-Soul-Journey-Beyond-Yourself/dp/1572245379

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz: www.amazon.com/Four-Agreements-Practical-Personal-Freedom/dp/1878424319

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