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PR for small businesses with Alana

Looking to get featured on the Forbes? Because that's where PR can offer you more bang for your buck. And No, it won't cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can be a PR machine and newsmaker yourself. So to get down to the nitty-gritty of attracting eyeballs to your brand, I invited someone who's a PR mentor and strategy expert, Alana Simpson.

In this episode, Alana breaks down the exact system she used to help businesses get the exposure they deserve. Her belief in the power of building relationships allowed her to bring empathy to the table. In Alana's perspective, Public relations boils down to knowing your Why and putting your creativity into action.

Tune in to listen how you can start filling up the "As Seen In" section of your website.

In this episode, you will learn:

● The correct definition of Public Relations

● Key strategies of PR

● Importance of knowing "WHY."

● How to do PR on your own

● Why Relationship building > Pitching


[00:43] Intro

[00:53] About Alana, a snippet of her journey

[2:15] What inspired her to get into PR

[4:15] How she communicate confidently with strangers | An extrovert perspective

[6:17] What's PR in 2021

[9:07] Why creative Entrepreneur needs to hire a PR mentor

[10:56] Importance of creating a reusable system

[12:41] How PR impacts a small business

[14:50] How to choose the right medium for your message

[17:04] Why it's to know your "WHY."

[22:08] No budget for PR, No problem! Here's how you can do it

[28:17] Where to learn more from Alana

[30:16] One thing that Alana would tell your younger self that would save her a lot of energy


"Storytelling through building relationships with folks in the media with the ultimate goal of securing a piece of coverage about your company, story, or product."

"PR is essentially an earned media. You don't pay for a piece of coverage; you earn it either by pitching or relationship building."

“Having a WHY will not only gives you direction in terms of your PR strategy but in your overall marketing strategy as well.”

Connect with Alana:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsalanasimpson

Website: https://alanasimpson.com

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