• Jessie Ryan

Having an Earth friendly business with Kendra from Whole Weddings!

Kendra is the owner and designer behind Whole Weddings. Whole Weddings offers couples and creatives custom stationery design, printed on plantable seed paper. The personal motto behind her work is "less waste, more love". Using design consciously and creatively to honor who and what you love, while also being mindful of the impact our choices have on the environment.

Listen to this perfectly timed episode as we celebrate Earth Day 2021!

Here's the links to the resources Kendra mentions in the episode:

Ecosia is the web browser that plants trees with your searches.

EcoEnclose has great options for plastic-free packaging.

Less Stuff More Meaning is an incredible collection of Australian eco wedding vendors. They have an e-guide and wedding footprint calculator which are incredible resources.

(Time stamped show notes coming soon!)

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