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S1 E2: How to organize your life as an entrepreneur

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

This interview is all about finding the balance that we all seek. Work - life balance.

Alexandra is my first guest on the Ditto Podcast! She's a productivity and systems strategist. She helps female entrepreneurs take back control of their day, their time, and their business with simple systems that WORK, so they can enjoy the TRUE female entrepreneur lifestyle of having a life AND a business they love at the same time!!

Here's the links we talk about in the show!

What we talk about:

1. How the heck to get organized when you're a creative with a busy mind. (So you can stop acting like a chicken with its head cut off, like I was).

2. If getting organized sounds overwhelming, the systems you should use to get past it and keep yourself organized through each project, each day, week, month and year. (Without the overwhelm, because when you're organized, you learn how to add things in & prioritize better).

3. How to add new things to your schedule after you've gotten organized.

4. The importance of researching courses and coaches before you buy into them.

5. The systems that she has available online to begin the process of prioritizing and managing your time.

Find Alexandra here: 




The systems she has available for you right now!




Trello to organize your projects: https://trello.com/signup

Asana for more organization: https://asana.com/create-account

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