• Jessie Ryan

Episode One Show Notes

Hey! Welcome to the show notes for Ep. 1 of the Ditto Podcast!

This episode is a really simple one, I just start talking about myself and why I began the podcast. I'll give you some key points here, but you can listen to the 4 minute episode to hear the whole thing!

1. I didn't know what the f*ck I was doing when I first started my own business.

2. It was scary, and I made all kinds of mistakes that lost me a lot of time, and A LOT of money.

3. I decided that I'm doing pretty well right now, and I want to share the resources and people that I've met that have made this journey easier for me.

4. Hence, the Ditto Podcast. Its so relatable for creative entrepreneurs that you're gonna be laughing along with us as we talk about the mistakes we've made. You'll also leave us with some information on how to make your business better.

5. I also love to talk, so I'm sure I'll throw in some solo-episodes here and there so you'll get to know me and my positive, upbeat vibe that people know me for. You'll hopefully leave those episodes inspired to help others, and yourself.

That's pretty much it! Go to the Episodes page of this site to listen in!

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