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S1 E13 Chasing your dreams with DJ Chase



Episode Summary:

Don’t ever stop chasing your dreams. In today’s interview, I am joined by Chase Caldwell from One Plug Entertainment. Chase is the owner, DJ, and event consultant for One Plug Entertainment. Chase got his start as a DJ at the age of 12, and in today’s episode he shares his many stories from being in the industry most of his life. Chase shares the importance of leaving your mark while learning how to roll with the punches. This is exactly what makes Chase’s business so unique. Listen in to this enthralling episode to spark your own fire as Chase shows us why following our dreams is more than worth it!

In this episode, we discuss…

[00:01] Intro

[00:56] One Plug Entertainment

[02:43] Pandemic’s Impact on Weddings

[06:02] How Chase Got His Start

[13:53] Leaving Your Mark

[15:51] Changes and Uncertainty

[19:03] Changes Since the Beginning of Your Career

[23:53] Freedom to Play What He Wants

[24:27] Skillshare Offer

[25:02] Read the Crowd and Deliver

[29:15] Do You Miss Working on a Cruise Ship?

[33:17] Strength in Brand Recognition

[37:25] The Thing Chase Would Go Back and Change

[40:29] Know Your Clients and Know Your Worth

[43:40] Importance of Security Deposits

[47:34] Closing Thoughts

[50:13] Outro

Resources Mentioned:

Want to Connect with DJ Chase?

One Plug Entertainment | Website [http://oneplugent.com/]

One Plug Entertainment | Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/oneplugent/]

One Plug Entertainment | Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/oneplugent/]

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