About your host

Hi I'm Jessie! I'm the host of the Ditto Podcast. Let's dig into what I'm all about and why I created this podcast!

First: If you're not into reading a long bio, and you're more of an audio person like me, you can listen to Episode One of The Ditto Podcast to hear me explain all of this! I'll start with who I am, then I'll explain why I created this podcast. 


I'm Jessie, and I'm from a small town in Connecticut. My childhood was pretty average, but I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up. I had many ideas of what success should look like, but none of it looked like fun. What, you think I'm gonna spend my whole life in an office? Yeah, that looks like fun... *serious sarcasm there*

I graduated high school and went right into cosmetology school. I couldn't wait to graduate so I could just get started making money and living the dream. (LOL)

Quickly I realized that nobody was going to help me build a clientele, and I didn't know what to do. I spent a LOT of time searching for ways to make money on the side. I assumed that there wasn't much I could do about speeding up the process of building a clientele, so side hustles were my jam. I tried network marketing, I tried dog sitting, and I worked as a nail technician for a while too. 

Fast forward, I was dismissed from a salon that I thought would be my forever home, and it changed my life. I realized that nothing is permanent. I realized that I'm actually better at doing my own thing (I see you, fellow control freaks). So I started renting a chair, and I was scared sh*tless. I had no idea what I was doing. So many thoughts were running through my head, "Who do I think I am to do this? Am I even a good enough hairstylist? I have ZERO experience managing or running a business!" (Comparisonitis is real you guys).  But then I thought, well I'll hire a coach to tell me what the f*ck I should be doing. So I did, but I didn't see a huge difference in my business like they all promised. The thousands of dollars that I spent on coaches, online courses and classes had me in debt before I even realized what happened. Then I looked at everything and said "what did I even pay for?"

Here's why I started this podcast. Because I've been in your shoes. I was a new entrepreneur with no idea what I should be doing, or who I should trust. I didn't know what to focus on, or if Instagram was even worth all the time I was putting into it. I had so many questions and nobody to talk to about them. I am beyond grateful to say that every one of my friends and close family were supportive in my choice to start the business; but none of them knew the first thing about running a one. They're all normal people with normal jobs, and I felt alone.

Imagine starting out knowing someone, or a community of people who can give you advice on what to do when you're getting started? Imagine that you don't have to pay those people, they're your friends and they just want to do it to help you. Seeing you succeed is payment enough.

Welcome to the Ditto Podcast. I get you, and I'm here to help. I encourage you to start listening, and if you find anything that we talk about on this podcast helpful, please leave a review! That helps me get the word out to more people like you who need this advice and community!